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Collect and organize all the digital information that you use


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As your digital files grow, the need to organize and classify all that information becomes almost essential. Ultra Recall is an app that facilitates this task through a completely customizable database in which you can collect all the documents, web pages, emails, notes, or images that you usually draw upon.

Ultra Recall allows you to capture all this information in different methods, whether it be inserting them manually in their respective folder or using the drag and drop command. Once you have collected the information, all you have to do is archive it to have it at your disposal whenever you need it.

To organize the database you can use labels, favorites, and notifications. Additionally, you can use internal links to link the related information that is found in similar categories, and thus improve internal navigation. Finally, it’s also important to highlight the inclusion of an internal search function and an electronic agenda, or the support to import browser bookmarks.

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